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Our Classes

Mommy & Me

This class is designed to provide 2 - 3 year old children with the opportunity to learn dance alongside their parent. Both parent and child will enjoy creative dance while learning musicality and the basic elements that begin a child's development in the dance world.

Creative Movement

These exciting classes focus on fun style and energizing technique. Each class includes a warm-up, stretch/strengthen, and exhilarating combinations finishing with a professionally choreographed dance. 


These exciting classes focus on fun, style and energizing technique. Jazz offers students co-ordination, balance, rhythm, posture, and musicality.

AIDT Jazz Exams

 Association of international Dance Teachers.  For the dedicated and serious student this programme offers students to further their dance education with jazz/modern terminology, music theory, and anatomy. 


 Ballet is an important basis for all forms of dance. Ballet is a essential part of all dance training if a dancer truly wants to develop their strength, techniques and skills in any genre.

 RAD Ballet Exams

Royal Academy of Dance. Participation in RAD exams provides those students wishing to enhance and develop their ballet technique further to do so in a challenging yet positive environment.  To be eligible to be entered for RAD exams students must take a minimum of 2 exam classes per week and be recommended by their teacher.



In this class students will be working on a 10-15 minute long production that will be added to our year end recital! Students will be singing, dancing, acting using scripts, all while telling a story in a full scale theatrical production. Classes will also consist of vocal training, theatre exercises, and dance combinations.

All are welcome to join our production classes! No previous dance experience is necessary. All dancers are welcome.

Hip Hop

Over the past years Hip Hop has grown in popularity and now has its own distinct styles. It is an urban style of dance characterized by bounces and rocks, and can have a variety of styles. Students will explore the culture of Hip Hop and be introduced to various styles such as popping, locking, breaking, grooving and more.  

Modern & Contemporary

Modern & Contemporary dance incorporates free natural movements while still using the technique and structure from Ballet and or Jazz. Contemporary dance originated in the 20th century as a reaction against the rigid techniques of Ballet. Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan were famous for their ease of movement using the body’s natural lines and energy.


Lyrical is an expressive flow of movements combining the techniques of Jazz and Ballet, while telling a story through dance. Being a more mature style of dance, Lyrical brings out passionate and emotional story telling through the body’s movements, and facial expression.


This exciting, high-energy style of dance combines rhythm, technique, and style. Tap transforms your feet into the instrument that plays with the music! 

A.I.D.T. Exam

Association of International dance teachers.  This programme offers students to further their dance education with tap terminology, music theory and anatomy.  Participation in AIDT exams also allows dancers to earn high school credits towards graduation.

Acro &  Tumbling

Acrobatics is a unique form of movement that is similar to gymnastics. It is the floor technique that combines dance with gymnastics skills. Strength of the back, flexibility, balance, and coordination are focal points in the development of the student’s body for acrobatic skills

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre encourages students to combine dance with characterization. Learning how to use body and facial expressions to create a character is the key to unlocking a child's potential. Students learn to project their voices to the audience through speech and song. 

Summer Camps

Stay tuned for updates on summer camps!

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