School Closure

Hello everyone!


We wanted to reach out and touch base with all our families at CentreStage Dance and let you all know we are thinking about you! We hope you are all staying safe and healthy. The heartfelt support and messages we’ve received mean more than you know.


With the confirmation that all non essential businesses must continue to keep their doors closed we wanted to share with you our next plan of action. CentreStage Dance will not be returning to classes after Spring Break, and all regular classes and scheduled payments will be put on hold until further notice.  


We have set up a private Facebook group exclusively for CentreStage Dance families and dancers where we can all stay connected. Tune in and help spread some joy in the hopes that things will get back to normal soon.


We will continue to work in the background on options regarding remainder of classes, competitions, exams and recital.  Just like all of you, CentreStage Dance wants to get your children back in class, with their friends, and see them performing in their costumes at recital. So excited to see them showcase their progress and hard work. 


If you would like your child’s music emailed to you so that they can practice at home, please email us with the following information and we will get it to you as soon as we can:


1) Teacher 

2) Class Day&Time 

3) Dance Name (if you know it)


Please be patient as this will take time to process for everyone.


We are posting links regularly on our social media pages for, free online classes. We hope that parents and siblings will jump on and even participate with your children. Some lighthearted fun, and movement is good for everyone!  


Stay safe hoping to see everyone soon, 

Courtny, Shannon & all CentreStage Dance Staff