1. ONLY DANCERS may enter the building for classes. Parents and siblings are asked to wait in their cars versus the lobby. Drop off will be at the front entrance door (left door) at class time. Please do not drop off early or pick up late. Students must exit the building to be picked up immediately at the end of their class at the side door (right door).

If needed, one parent of new Creative Movement, and 4-5 year old students may enter for the month of September and will stand 2 meters apart at the barre.


2. All students/staff must maintain social distancing while in the building:

“Please Stand Here” circles are on the floors in the lobby and hallway.    

“Sections” for dancers are taped off in each of the studios.


3. We have a plexiglass barrier at our front desk.


4. Parents are asked to have their children use the washroom before leaving home for the studio to lessen the amount of washroom visits while here.


5. The washroom will be disinfected after each use. Our change room will be closed and only the main washroom will be open for students.


6. No food/eating permitted in the building. Students must eat prior to coming to class, or in their parent’s vehicles in between classes.


7. Students cannot wait in the building in between classes. Students must exit the building immediately after their class if they are not going straight into another one.


8. Students may only bring in with them their shoes, water bottle, and a small bag. Students must arrive in their dance attire for the day, and dancing in bare feet will not be permitted. The change room will be closed.


9. All students/staff must use the hand sanitizer provided at the front desk immediately upon arrival unless you have your own hand sanitizer.


10. Students/Staff will not enter the building if they are ill, are showing any signs of illness, or if anyone in their household is showing signs of illness. They may take the class from home via Zoom! Students may return 24 hours after their last symptom.


11. Students will not bring cell phones into the class unless turned off in their bag. 


12. The lost and found has been removed. Anything left at the studio at the end of the night will need to be thrown away.


12. Our staff will be cleaning the studios in between each class. This includes floors, barres, Acro mats and door handles. We will not be using the small mats as there is just not time to clean these in between each class.


13. To maintain social distancing in studio and to keep numbers in the building down we are looking at some options for our larger classes of more than 8-10 dancers. One option that we are looking at is having ½ the dancers take the class in studio while ½ take the class via zoom and alternating weeks. This is just an idea, subject to change and won’t be finalized until after all registrations have taken place. If you are not comfortable sending your child to class yet in the fall, you may take all your classes via zoom at a 10% discount.


14. If there is a second Covid “wave”, our Zoom is set up and ready!


15. Any students not abiding by these rules will need to take all classes via zoom for the safety of everyone.              



Thank you for your cooperation!