COVID -19 Precautions

* Here at CentreStage Dance we have multiple proper HVAC systems here at the studio to ensure proper air ventilation in addition to our almost 25-foot ceilings.

* All dancers and staff must complete the daily “Self Check” on the government’s website or “BC COVID-19” app prior to entering the facility each day. (This is the same check that is done prior to attending school.) If you do not have the app, you can simply go through this list of symptoms from the BCCDC.CA site to know that your dancer is symptom free prior to them entering the building.

* Students/Staff will not enter the building if they are ill or showing ANY signs of illness. (Examples of symptoms: fever, chills, cough or worsening of chronic cough, breathing difficulties, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste or smell, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting). Students/Staff may return a minimum of 24 hours after the last symptom.

* If a health assessment is required and a Covid-19 test was recommended, the student/staff member will not enter the facilities until Covid-19 has been excluded AND symptom free for a minimum of 24 hours.

* If a Covid-19 test is recommended as a result of the health assessment, self-isolate while waiting for results. If the result is positive, self-isolate and follow the directions of public health. If the result is negative, the student/staff member may return once they are symptom free for a minimum of 24 hours.

* If it is confirmed by Fraser Health that the student/staff member has been in contact with a person confirmed to have Covid-19, the student/staff member must follow the directions of public health.
We also ask that if someone in a student/ staff member’s household has been told they have been exposed and need to self-isolate and be tested, that you PLEASE take your class via Zoom until you know it is safe to return.

* Students/Staff will follow all government mandates regarding travel.

* For the time being to maximize social distancing in the lobby and common areas, only registered students are to enter the building for classes. Parents and siblings are asked to wait in their cars, or outside versus the lobby. For our littlest 3–5-year-old dancers, parents can come in for the first few classes and can stand 6 feet apart at the barre at taped off marks while the children are getting comfortable coming into the studio on their own. If you do need to come in and see our office staff, please call the studio at 604-465-6681 during office hours to make an appointment.

* Drop off will be at the regular front entrance door (left door) at class time.


* Students must exit the building to be picked up immediately at the end of their class at the side door (right door) to insure there is no hallway congestion. We will have assistants here as well to walk out our littlest dancers.

* All students, staff, or anyone entering the studio must use the hand sanitizer provided in the lobby immediately upon arrival.

* Although social distancing is not mandated for while dancing, we are going to keep social distancing markers in the studios, lobby, and common areas as a guideline. There will be no partner work or “touching” in recreational classes.

* Parents are asked to please have their children use the washroom before leaving home for the studio to lessen the amount of washroom visits while here. Shoes/slides worn to the studio must be worn to the washroom.

* We ask that students social distance while waiting in the building during short breaks in between classes. Students are asked to exit the building immediately after their class if they have a break longer than 15 minutes or are finished for the day. We ask that you please also speak with your dancers about social distancing while outside on the studio property.



Beginning Monday, Oct. 4, 2021, all students in B.C. schools will be required to wear a mask when inside a school building, including while at their desks and on buses. This builds on the existing guidelines

that currently apply to all students in grades 4 to 12.”

We of course give lots of breaks and allow the dancers moments with their mask down, while socially distancing from their classmates.

If your dancer is medically exempt from wearing a mask, we will require a doctor’s note to keep on file.

* According to the new mandate set out on August 24th regarding the new vaccine passports required to enter certain settings, our dancers under the age of 18 are excluded as this “does not include youth recreational sport”. For our dancers over the age of 18 years, proof ofvaccination will be required. Please email over your proof of vaccination, and we will keep this confidentially on file, so that you only need to send it in once. If you are medically exempt from being vaccinated, please contact us via email so that we can keep this on file.

Please know that here at CentreStage Dance we respect and value everyone’s stance equally on Covid-19, mask policies, and vaccinations. We are required to follow government mandates, and we thank you all for your cooperation, support, and understanding.

*All parents entering the studio with an appointment to see our office staff, must simply complete the daily “self check” on the governments website prior to entering. If you are visiting our office outside of your child’s dance time, please leave your name and number with our front desk staff for contact tracing. Any parents coming into the studio, regardless of how short the amount of time, must wear a proper mask.

* Students should only bring in with them their shoes, water bottle, and a small bag. Students should arrive in their dance attire for the day to minimize the number of dancers needing to use the change room. Dancers should be wearing slides, slippers, or a shoe that is easy to slip on and off when they arrive and for when it's time to go.

* All outdoor shoes worn to the studio must be removed prior to entering the dance studios.

Clean indoor shoes must be worn for Hip Hop!

* If dancers are taking a class that requires bare feet, foot undies or paws (such as Acro, Lyrical or Modern) we ask that they please wear their socks or slides until they are in their studio. There are also dance socks available at dance stores such as The Dance Box that are great for Modern or Lyrical classes.

* The washroom and common touch points are disinfected regularly.

* Our staff will be cleaning the entire studios halfway through their teaching day, and at the end of the day with “Vital Oxide”. Any barres, mats, bands, blocks, balls, props etc will be disinfected after each use.

* The lost and found will remain removed for the time being. Anything left at the studio at the end of each night will need to be thrown away. Please do not bring valuables that could get left behind! Please check your dancer’s bag when they get to your vehicle to ensure that they have all of their belongings.

* Students will not bring cell phones into the class unless turned off in their bag prior to entering the building.

* We will keep our Zoom option for dancers that are feeling unwell. If a dancer cannot attend class due to illness, they may take class from home via Zoom. Please see instructions on the front page of your “Schedule With Zoom Codes”

We do not take the health and safety of your dancers, your families, and our staff lightly. We are 100% confident in our protocols and are doing everything we can to make sure CentreStage Dance is the safest place for your child to be. As government mandates change, this list may change or be altered.