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 Company Program

In a community-based studio where acceptance, creativity and development are priorities, we approach our Company program with the idea of intense training and fun coming together. Our Company is an intensive program designed for the more serious, dedicated dancer who takes their training very seriously. This program is based on dancers having not only experience, and a high skill level, but also a willingness to be held to high expectations. These dancers must have the drive and determination to work hard, apply correction, and practice regularly outside of class. Depending on the genre, Company dancers do take numerous classes each week including technique, stretch/strength, and exam classes in addition to their Company classes. Each season our Company dancers also participate in workshops and/or conventions held either at the studio, or elsewhere in the lower mainland. Dancers in our Company program must have the desire to improve and excel for themselves and their teammates, and attendance must be excellent in all classes. Our Company dancers are always a part of our Competition Gala, compete at a minimum of three competitions throughout the season, and of course are a part of our year end recitals which each number being performed twice.

Here at CentreStage Dance competition is not the main focus, so we don’t begin recommending our dancers for competition until they are at least 7 years of age. We don’t hold “auditions” each season, as we feel a dancer’s work ethic in each and every class the previous year is their audition. From time to time we will, but this not each year.

Teamwork and comradery are very important here at CentreStage Dance whether you are a part of our Performance, Competitive, or Company program. Our focus is always on being the best version of yourself, and always doing your best. If you are new to CentreStage Dance and would like to be a part of our Company program, please email the studio and we will arrange an audition/assessment.

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