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Competitive Program

Our Competitive program is the perfect program for dancers and families that would like to have some more fun throughout the season and experience the competition scene on a smaller scale with less of a time and financial commitment.

To be eligible to be a part of the Competitive program here at CentreStage Dance, a dancer simply must be at least 7 years of age (by December 31stof the current year), had at least 2 years of dance experience in the discipline they would like to compete in, and continue to take their current Performance class in the same chosen discipline. (Ballet is also required for Lyrical) Each season our Competitive dancers also participate in one workshop held either at the studio, or elsewhere in the lower mainland (approx. $25-$50).

As a part of our Competitive program, dancers must have the self-motivation to work hard and practice at home. The expectations in a Competitive class will be higher than in a Performance class. If a dancer's attendance and effort isn't up to the level needed in a Competitive group, it may be recommended that they do one more year focusing on their Performance classes.

Our Competitive dancers have a blast and get to be a part of our Competition Gala, compete at one local competition during the year, and of course perform in two of our year end recitals! No exam or additional tech classes are necessary. Here at CentreStage Dance we go to competition to have fun and do our very best. We want our students to understand that the important thing is to always do their best, enjoy every moment, and that “winning” is not our main goal!

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