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Exam Program

Exam classes provide students with an excellent opportunity to improve their dance technique, skills, and achieve higher levels in dance. Here at CentreStage Dance we offer R.A.D. Ballet exams, as well as A.I.D.T. Jazz and Tap exams. The exam programmes have proven to be extremely beneficial, as great improvements are seen in students who work on their technical and performance skills. Students who approach dance in a dedicated and serious manner are usually excellent candidates for exam work.


To participate in exam classes, dancers must be recommended by their instructors.  A strong foundation builds a strong dancer, and exam work helps to build the dancer’s foundation.   Exam work is a discipline, which is beneficial for students not only in relation to dance, but with their life skills in general.  Students feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when they know they have worked hard and passed from one level to the next.

Participation in dance exams provides the students with a positive performance opportunity, as well as a sense of accomplishment, and inspiration for their continued study and progression.  The students will be examined on the exercises and dance studies we work on in class, and we will assure that they are well prepared to perform these confidently. 

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